Beware Fashionable Women – I’ll Be The DJ

Beware Fashionable Women - I'll Be The DJ

Music video for Beware Fashionable Women’s “I’ll Be The DJ” directed by Jason Arber of Wyld Stallyns ( Commissioned via Radar Music Vi…

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4 Responses to “Beware Fashionable Women – I’ll Be The DJ”

  1. japAnnxDOLL says:

    Lol!! I look so scary underwater… you should’ve heard the ‘argument’ in
    the car. it went crazy!

  2. xiaorishu says:

    OMG It’s ANN <33 ^____^

  3. XXemorissaXX says:

    @japAnnxDOLL how can u stay underwater with your eyes open?

  4. RemRockVersion1 says:

    I came across this song because it was on the soundtrack of the movie Exit
    Strategy. What a great song.