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Calvin Klein Collection Women’s Spring 2011 runway show. Creative Director, Francisco Costa.

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25 Responses to “Buy Best Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 90 87 Running Shoes Replica Nikes”

  1. ariwarhol says:

    Beautiful work…but i prefer to see healthy models..

  2. Elin48 says:

    Why no smiling…it’s very strange. I think not to smile I’d have to think
    about the time just after my mother died. What might these young women
    think of?

  3. JoseDFuentes says:

    Stop complaining how thin the models are, they just don’t want to be over
    weight, or obese like a majority of the humans in this world.

  4. BEEFYROCKS123 says:

    The details in this collection are very refine and the shape of the clothes
    are interesting since it gives them movement.

  5. DNA_91 says:

    Who is the black model??? she is beatiful

  6. redporus says:

    @madtwatterd her name is Shena Moulton she is jamaican can u believe she is



  8. StageRight33 says:


  9. missnicething1 says:

    @cookie123d1 mi too,i have the height (6’0 183 cm) but i need to work on my
    weight soo maybe see you soon in parris or milan you never know :P:P

  10. Razan Mcblah says:

    I want the first dress!!

  11. irinisva says:

    Wow, that dress!!!


    Calvin, dear friend, you who inspires many who walk this planet with your
    brand name for it takes a century for fashion itself the word to even keep
    up with your clothes, your inspiration and hard work put into each piece of
    walking art in motion. You make people look beautiful in your work of
    clothes, even I enjoy waring such summer clothes in such a humid, “humid”
    coastal beach Florida area..Having lived for many years in New York and all
    over the world….Much Love, the one Casanova’ :)

  13. Garçon Aussiize says:

    ‘Coming to Town’ by John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis ‘John the Revelator’ by
    Son House ‘A True Friend is Hard to Find’ by Son House.



  15. Lil17Lil says:

    5:38 & 5:51 fantastic!

  16. Elin48 says:

    The girls look downright depressed…I want to cry when I see them, even
    though the dresses are beautiful. I love simplicity in clothing.

  17. Mai Ortiz says:

    @fitnessmaniac5 actually it was minimalism and blues; and Mr. Klein is not
    the creative director of Calvin Klein, the name of the creative director is
    Fransisco Costa :D

  18. cookie123d1 says:

    @missnicething1 ya i have the body but im a littttle too short :/ but
    everyone says i look taller than i actuallly am,,,wish you luck buddy :)

  19. pgsg69 says:

    Beautiful proportions.

  20. NunzOnDrugs says:

    Great music for a fashion show. The first Son House music title is actually
    called “Grinnin’ In Your Face.” It’s the first time I’ve ever heard
    Mississippi delta blues used at a runway show and it works better than I
    ever imagined. Hats off to Francisco Costa for doing the unexpected.

  21. Lina Donald says:

    @jpegmoment I agree…, the high heels are beautiful…

  22. pgsg69 says:

    @blueNchic Francisco.

  23. SEL MOON says:

    Too much minimalism ;horrible;too plain;;;it lacks ”life”

  24. richard kilroy says:

    The thing with minimalism and appreciators of minimalist art and fashion is
    that it is essentially a cathartic response to the affects clutter and
    stress etc. The satisfaction of reducing something to such a simple state
    without it actually being dull or flat is incredibly hard. it might not be
    for everyone but personally i love it, and the ability to make as much
    detail and character out of as little as possible, it’s very rewarding

  25. chickadee40040 says:

    They look like they are wearing sheets….>.>