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9 Strangest Taco Bell AMA Moments
“In many cases,” explains Adam Coogle, a Middle East researcher at Human Rights Watch, “a domestic worker, from rural India or Bangladesh or wherever, might bring along a folk heirloom, something that is perceived by the Saudi host to be an object of …
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Fausto Puglisi, sometimes called the next Gianni Versace, says Chinese women
I would examine the fabrics and watch the tailor taking measurements. "While that's important in my roots, my … Women today are super smart. They are independent, they don't need a designer to tell them what to wear. You ask me about trends, I don't …
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Looking At These 6 Things Will Help You Love Your Body More
Photographer Gracie Hagen asked her subjects to pose in traditionally "sexy" poses, and juxtaposed those pictures with images of the same women showing their bodies in an "unflattering" light. The results call into question what "attractive" really …
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