Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show | Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 runway show at Paris Fashion Week by Marc Jacobs. Full steam ahead with this show… amazing! All the model hopped off th…

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25 Responses to “Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. b﹐′ says:

    Frédéric Sanchez edited the soundtrack as always.

  2. Jenna Menna says:

    You have to understand, some of these models do an insane amount of these
    runway shows in a matter of 2-3 days. Caroline Trentini once did 130 shows
    in three days. That’s how insane these models’ fashion week schedules can
    be. So of COURSE they’ll be tired and grouchy and everything. And they’re
    wearing incredible clothes in each and every one of the shows they walk in,
    so it’s not like this is much different in that sense.

  3. Jennifer Gutierrez says:

    I dont like the clothes so much

  4. iNeed AnothaHit says:

    love it!

  5. elisabeth wang says:

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  6. Bob Aro says:

    The clothes must have been nice – that why the models looked so happy,
    especially the munster shoes – wow!

  7. UMR says:


  8. Bri L says:

    Wow if I saw everyone walking on the street in these clothes…,just no.

  9. 65756878658568 says:

    Dior fall

  10. Joeymagnum says:

    Bitch, please, they’re even not supose to “walk on [commoners] streets”,

  11. Rogelio Cortés says:

    Love Marc Jacobs..!! ♥

  12. Nia T says:

    Ooooo I want one of those bags

  13. klx450r dude says:

    harry potter collection

  14. mackson santos says:

    lindo o desfile

  15. Nadeshiko Yazawa says:

    Orient Express ♥

  16. Bartholemuhe says:

    Does anyone knows the name of the music being played?…

  17. whome499 says:

    This show was amazing. Only Louis Vuitton.

  18. amadana0808 says:

    Ohh! Beautiful.

  19. WhistleWhenYouSmile says:

    I can see myself wearing the coat, but not the hat(s). Btw the first model
    looks like she’s HIGH.

  20. sonny5233 says:

    Wonderfully put 2gether show!!

  21. Queen B says:

    Just downright BRILLIANT!

  22. Mars Sajbor says:

    This is perfect because it’s about a train. Working class.

  23. Queen B says:


  24. Mariecris Miague says:

    inspiring =)

  25. nomen nescio says:

    Amazing fashion show!!