Simone Heng TV Showreel 2012

Simone Heng is a Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter based in Dubai. (Simone gets her exotic looks from a Chinese Singaporean father and a Portu…

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29 Responses to “Simone Heng TV Showreel 2012”

  1. peepmysteelo says:

    Great advice. I always buy on the design that fits my personality as you
    suggested… Brand isn’t always everything.

  2. majorkilla123 says:

    i personaly like g-shocks

  3. Silver Wing says:

    Try to get the watch you want at a huge

  4. Ragith Jey says:


  5. Anchaliya Praful says:

    Being a presenter isn’t easy. It takes a great deal to roll in front of a
    camera but your confidence is phenomenal. In this reel I liked your
    excellent approach towards celebrities. Sense of humor is an important
    thing and you use yours’ to the best of it. I can go on but provided a
    limited space, I will conclude by saying, stay awesome as you already are.
    I love you!

  6. Vignesh Satyarajan says:

    This video is really good!And I guess after seeing this video everyone
    would say that Simone is the synonym for beauty!Enjoyed each and every part
    of the video, especially the helicopter part and also where you interview
    the Shenshah of Bollywood and when you interview Lewis Hamilton!And how can
    I forget you being featured as the Brand Ambassador of Blackberry in the
    ME!Loved all your dresses in the video and your confidence in front of the
    camera is just …Good to see a mixture of everything!

  7. javidbangash says:

    Simone Heng you looks stunning & gourgious in this reel & interviewing
    every celeberity to prefection,which is best part of your personality
    …………. :-)),best of luck for your future life….

  8. spysagent says:

    Love the Vibe & exotic looks as described about you im not gonna flatter
    with more comments but i truly loved the Video and the fashion sense :) “My
    Money is on Dubai” i hope i get the Blackberry :$

  9. cinelab says:

    What I like more is you Simone!

  10. ahdi04 says:

    Simone this is one of the best video I have ever watched from you, being
    your long time fan still makes me so amazed of lots of things we dont see
    or know about you, I know that you had a very big world but I know as well
    how humble you are, this video shows how you “evolved” all through the
    years, I guess theres no ugly sides, well done.More power to u and your
    career.This is my account. Its Shiela Rizza from Facebook :)

  11. Tuba M says:

    Lewis Hamilton♥ Enough said ;)

  12. Anete Thomas says:

    What’s real? What’s surreal? Get the feel! Catch it on Simone Heng’s reel!

  13. Priyanka Bijlani says:

    you are an inspiration for dreams that can occur internationally Simone

  14. Abbie Franchette says:

    What I like most about the video is the fact that it shows a proud Eurasian
    beauty’s achievements not just in one field or industry but in several. It
    empowers women and other Eurasians like Simone that success isn’t based on
    color but it’s about attitude, hard work and openness to the different
    environments & culture. The reel shows a real person and not just a made up
    doll for the cameras. Wish you all the best Simone, blessings.

  15. chuckcess1985 says:

    I like every part of this video you are an inspiration simone, love how
    confident u are infront of the camera. keep it up! and more projects to
    come :))

  16. Aliya Khatri says:

    The thing I liked most about the reel is how her various looks are shown,
    her achievements and how her bubbly nature makes the show more lively. I
    love the way she expresses herself and acting like a total fan-girl when
    she met Amitabh. Not only is she a radio presenter, she is also a fashion
    icon, artist, model, TV host, etc. She has achieved a lot at a very young
    age. We are all proud of you Miss. Heng :)

  17. 8160198 says:

    it is interesting to see the places …. that simone heng has taken for
    shooting and the continuous effect of the videos though taken in another
    angles and shoots it is proper … though the costumes and hairstyles of
    simone heng are different it is done perfectly i meant connecting the other
    shots for the reel are dine perfectly

  18. Monica R says:

    its awesome to see you rather than hearing you which I religiously do
    everyday! Coming back to the video I think its cool to see someone
    represent UAE… i like the fact that you are not only focusing on one
    thing but several. Apart from this your cute smile wins our hearts <3

  19. pebubblesrocks says:

    i love how they show your different looks and how you’ve accomplished so
    much in just 8 years!

  20. clarenswolf66 says:

    I like everything that was shown in reel. All the segments are truly
    amazing. I can say I like the most is the segment where you are riding the
    camel. I can see that you got scared a little bit by the sudden movement of
    the camel but nevertheless you maintained your composure perfectly. Your
    bubbly personality is also so contagious. I was glued to the video the
    whole time. Truly, you are one amazing lady. Keep it up!

  21. aRdNasSeLa ALeSsaNdra says:

    she speaks out her mind(natural).. this is what i like most in simone..
    regardless of her beauty, fame, and fashion statements.. :)

  22. ahdi04 says:

    I always love to see your pictures in the magazines part, so beautiful and
    most of them “sexy”. Ypu really have that charisma…missing Dubai 101
    though..hope this ramadan they will show it again..God bless more :))

  23. MTI015 says:

    What i like about this video is the ABRA ! Its best to ride it on a winter
    day .. going up and down the waves !! You ll be surprised at how many Dubai
    citizens have not tried it yet ! i say its a must experience for every
    person residing in DUBAI !!!

  24. Neha Rag says:

    Awesome eye catching video.All the best Simone.

  25. Bachira Rose says:

    what i like in this video is ur talk about Dubai 101 your televised guide
    to the city !

  26. Delaine Dcosta says:

    I love your confidence, sense of humor, fun – loving nature and how
    spontaneous you are Simone. And your reaction was super duper cute when you
    met Amitabh Bacchan! You really connect well with people no matter who they
    are. But the thing that really touched me the most is your simplicity,
    especially when you go driving around on a cycle. I love how you respect
    each person alike. You are so beautiful & talented Simone and have achieved
    so much at such a young age. You are truly my role model !

  27. CuteKidsLifestyle says:

    I love you simone!!! :)

  28. Nolan Andrew Noronha says:

    Love the outfits & the energy in the presentation.

  29. Maura Hales says:

    Whatever the task Simone Heng is the one to ask Entertaining and charming
    is Simone She is popular and will always stand out on her own Facebook ID:
    Maura Hales