Versace Runway Show – Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW | FashionTV – FTV MILAN – There was a resort feel to the Versace Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Milan Fashion Week, but in true Versace style. In t…

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25 Responses to “Versace Runway Show – Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW | FashionTV – FTV”

  1. mbb03f says:

    there is a difference between being naturally thin and ANOREXIC U DUMB
    IGNORANT BYTCH. Ugh I hate girls and especially wannabes like you. These
    women are under bmi I could care less. They will be the ones dying from
    anorexia not me. I am fine and healthy not anorexic and I study ehalth for
    a living u dumb troll. Block u

  2. ngines27 says:


  3. anne loves says:

    who is the first girl?

  4. greatpopradio John says:

    It a absolutely Amazing collection, it simply dream dresses, for the really
    irresistible dream girls.

  5. Connor pope says:

    @Connor pope .and I am far from sickly

  6. SuperAlfiler says:

    I miss TANYA D, VLADA R, COCO R. Why Versace, Why :(

  7. britmodel100 says:

    Yes, that’s true. Clothing does look aesthetically better on tall, this
    women. That’s just how society sees it.

  8. Ryan Wilkes says:

    What a beautiful collection!!!! bravo!!!!

  9. britmodel100 says:

    Lol I wish it were true that most models are naturally thin. I modeled for
    years and was told to starve even though I was 5’11 and 119 pounds. These
    girls are mainly forced into anorexia. Almost none of them would look this
    thin without calorie restriction. They almost all smoke and they certainly
    don’t eat whatever they want. People think these girls are bad role models,
    theyre not “just jealous”. Im thrilled I’m out of that world now. It’s

  10. ives bertagnoni says:

    uno degli idoli moderni: donatella versace. drogata marcia fino al midollo.
    ci cago sopra a questi personaggi

  11. britmodel100 says:

    Oh my god. Do me a favor and google “anorexia definition”. See how it says
    “anorexia: noun: loss of appetite”?? Right. Thanks. So, yes, that is
    correct. Like I said, anorexia NERVOSA is the psychological disorder. You
    sure aren’t very quick….

  12. Fabiana Teran says:

    Kasia Struss

  13. britmodel100 says:

    Lol, no. No, I’m not. Like I said, I was in this world for a long time. You
    were not. Notice i did not say “no one is this thin naturally”. I said
    MODELS are not as thin naturally as they are by the time they’re on the
    runway, because no matter how thin you are, your agent will tell you to
    lose weight. I was a model for a few of the bigger agencies, and many of
    those girls people thought were just naturally skinny (like Gemma Ward) are
    essentially.ordered to starve. Im right in base.

  14. Carola Ro.Pre. says:

    Versace Runway Show – Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 MFW | FashionTV – FTV

  15. GÜNAY AKÖZEL says:


  16. Hannah Norstebon says:

    9:17-9:30 Is my favorite dress of all time.

  17. Elizabeta Herc says:

    Love it!

  18. Fashionista-Outlet says:

    Versace Runway Show – Milan Fashion Week

  19. Nanu Nirvana says:


  20. Ashley DaCosta says:

    who is the other black model?

  21. Hernán Veloz says:

    Is it just me or someone else thinks the black models really looked amazing
    in this outfits?

  22. Salvatore Ventura says:

    whats the 1st song that Lindsey opens with called? 

  23. Ucef Knowles says:

    they look sooooooooooooooooooooooooo skinny 

  24. Albert De Castro says:

    Chic as chic can be! Love Versace!

  25. Ramy El-desouki says:

    very nice collection Versace ♥